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PErsonal training, online personal training and boxing

Have you been struggling with weight loss?

Have you been struggling to stick to a fitness routine?

Perhaps you want get fit, fitter or tone up?

Have you not been able to achieve your desired goal and need help and motivation to get there?

Well, you are in the right place to get what you want.

Hi, my name is Istvan, and I’m a personal trainer and former boxing champion working in Wimbledon,Wimbledon Chase, Raynes Park, New Malden and Morden area.

I spent my youth in the Hungarian Boxing Academy and was privileged enough to represent my country for several years in light-heavyweight category. I also won the English title in 2008. 

With a Sport Science degree, personal training qualification and over 20 years of experience in the sport and fitness industry, I now train people to help to achieve and realise their own fitness goals, whether that be for general fitness, weight loss, strength and conditioning or preparation for a particular event such as running, boxing just to mention a couple or even to tone and lose belly fat before holiday or wedding.

According to studies 63% of the U.K. population are obese and overweight. This is why I’m here. To help people lose belly fat and teach about healthy lifestyles and diet whilst doing great workouts. Examples include circuits, high intensity interval training (HIIT), strength and conditioning with or without using weights, kettle bells, TRX, boxing or any other training tailored to your needs and fitness level. 
Personal training will help you to stay focused and motivated especially when you feel like giving up and losing everything that you‘ve worked for. It will keep you on track to get your dream body. IT IS POSSIBLE!!!


Boxing for fitness is so popular because it provides the best workout, challenging you both mentally and physically. Boxing not only helps to strengthen and tone your muscles, even your abdominals, but is also a great stress release. Most importantly, being high intensity in nature, it burns a lot of calories and can be your best friend in weight loss. If this kind of training is something that interests you, I have the best practical experience to help.


But boxing is not the only training I can offer my clients. Personal training includes all sort of work out. As we age, we lose muscle mass. Strength training builds it back. Regular strength workout will help you feel more confident and more capable even in every day tasks. Strengthening your muscles not only makes you stronger, but also stimulates bone growth, lowers blood sugar, assists with weight control, improves balance and posture, and can reduce stress and pain in the lower back and joints. Strength training can be achieved through sessions using free weights, circuits, HIIT and many more.

Even training using your bodyweight can also help you maintain or increase your lean muscle mass which is absolutely critical to keeping your metabolic rate burning at maximum capacity. This is particularly important if you are trying to lose body fat.

Using all my experience as a personal trainer and boxing coach, I can tailor your training programme accordingly, selecting the right training methods to suit your individual needs and the results you want. I ensure sessions are motivational whilst also getting the maximum effort from you. No matter what your aim, training with me will be both enjoyable and most importantly, effective. When you combine the service I provide with a healthy, balanced diet, then anything is possible.

I take great pride in helping people gain confidence and satisfaction in achieving their desired toned and defined body shape or enhanced fitness level and I have a proven track record of success how people have transformed their body and lifestyle. 

You’ve made your first move and started to look for a personal trainer, perhaps a boxing coach to achieve your goal, to guide you through your journey, to motivate you when you need it the most and keep you on track.


Call today for a free consultation session where we can discuss the next steps towards your individual goal or get in touch here.

Make 2021 Special!

Together we can make it happen!

Wimbledon, Raynes Park, New Malden and Morden.

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