Hi there, 

Let me start with a little background about myself, in case you missed my bio on my website.

I represented my country, at world level, in boxing and now I’m an active personal trainer and boxing coach. I have a Sport Science degree and so would like to talk about this “Myth about short workouts” as it drives me a little bit “crazy” when I hear about 15 or even 30 minute workouts. 

To follow proper guidelines, you should start any exercise workout with a decent warm up, which should be 15-20 minutes light cardio, to get blood flow going and increase our heart rate, and follow with approximately 10 minute stretching. You are now ready to begin your workout. Click here IMPORTANCE OF WARM UP ARTICLE. It’s not the other way around as people think.

To do stretching, your muscles need to be warm beforehand to avoid tearing muscle tissues. 

This is the reason that I don’t understand when celebrity/popular trainers (or just anyone) try to promote short workouts. You can hear this from anywhere nowadays…..You don’t have time? Follow this and that workout, Short workouts for great results. REALLY?

So people actually love it and fall for it as they want it get it done as quickly as possible – out of the way. HOWEVER!!! Don’t be fooled by this! 

Those trainers, whether they are celebrity or popular trainers, either don’t have the knowledge or misinform people with it and try to sell different training methods.

So it is all marketing. Nothing else.

If they have the knowledge, I don’t understand why they promote short workouts.

Now, having read this sort article you have more information enabling you to decide whether you continue with a ‘dream’ short workout or commit to a longer exercise regime which includes a proper warm up.

The main thing here is to lower the risk of injuries and not to get misled by those who try to push short workouts.