What I do

Box fit / boxing training

Train with a four-time Hungarian champion with boxing sessions tailored to your goals. Train to get fit or train to fight.

I focus on a high-intensity workouts (HIIT)involving pad and bag work, combinations and circuit training.

Never boxed before? No problem (and now’s the time to start). I have programmes tailored to you. If you’re looking to get into the ring, and try yourself, I can help there too. 

TRX suspension

Recommended for people of all fitness levels and ages, beginners to advanced.

This versatile fitness tool can be used just about anywhere. It provides an intense workout using just your own bodyweight.

The TRX is excellent for developing and maintaining a strong core, strengthening chest and arms, building lean muscle and burning fat.

General fitness – get supple, fast and strong

Get your pulse up, keep your calories down. Its easy to get caught up with all the media hype surrounding exercising and nutrition, the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ you are urged to adhere to in order to achieve the ideal you.

With the right attitude, a good understanding of your nutritional needs and a personalised training program, we can work together to achieve your personal goals. Anything is possible with a little hard work, dedication and the right motivation.


I’ll show you how kettlebells offer a fun, dynamic alternative to your traditional weights training.

The weights are lifted, swung and pressed, constantly working all of your major muscle groups from your legs, through your core and into your arms. They are a great way to increase your fitness, build lean muscle, tone and strength.

Recommended for people of all fitness levels and ages, beginners to advanced.


gym pic 7Keeping track on your healty eating is very important to achieve your desire body shape. However, it is possible! With the right training programme made for you and diet I help you to get in the shape you wish.