Body posture, part 1: Sway back

This series of posts will show you all type of body postures people can have, how to correct the them and the why it is important to have a good posture.

There are five different Postures:

  • Sway back
  • Lumbar lordosis
  • Thoracic kyphosis
  • Forward head
  • Good posture

Why have good posture?

  • Good appearance
  • Prevents strain
  • Prevents back and muscular pain
  • Stops the spine in being abnormal position
  • Keeps the bones and joints in the correct alignment therefore the muscles used properly
  • Can prevent fatigue because muscle used more efficiently thus body use less energy

To achieve all this you need to train and maintain your body.

Let’s see in this article what causes and how to correct SWAY BACK posture.

Causes of sway back

  • Standing in the bad position over and over again – pull your hip bone in alignment with your ankle bone
  • Sitting in a posterior pelvic tilt position – when you sit with your butt tucked under you and with the front of your pelvis tilting up you will be reinforcing the tissues to adapt and hold this incorrect shape
  • Too much stretching of the hip flexors – your hips are already stretched in SWAY BACK position so if you keep stretching you just make it worse and they get weaker
  • Weak muscles – when you don’t do any exercise your muscles get weaker and pick up bad habits. Doing regular exercise helps to keep your muscles strong and pulling your body in to a better position.



Back stretching




Side plank

Ball jack knife