Strength training, resistance training, weight lifting……

However you call them they are all common in one which is helping to build lean body mass.

For women and I have to stop immediately for a second as I need to mention that very common myth that especially most (not every) women think about weight training.

It WILL NOT make you look like a body builder!!!

There are several factors to it to look like a bodybuilder.


1. Taking steroids

2. Take testosterone or other hormones

3. To have abnormally high level of natural testosterone, which is not very common and probably you would know about it as it is not healthy.

So lifting weight itself will not make you become one of them.

These types of exercises mentioned above provide additional benefits that you can not find in aerobic activities.


  • Bone density – more than half of all Caucasian women age 50 and older are estimated to have low bone mass, which means their bones are getting weaker but they don’t yet have osteoporosis.
  • Muscular strength (important for weight loss)
  • Builds muscle and burns more fat
  • Improves posture
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Strengths/support joints, ligaments and tendons

Strength training does not mean you have to lift heavy weights..

It can be done with your own body weight or resistance bands.

Strength training should be done at least twice a week to start with all major muscle groups.

Starting slow with 1-2 sets per session where you are able to do 8-12 repetitions. If you are able to do more than 12 repetitions then you have to increase the weight but not less than 8 repetitions.

Later you can do more advance weight training if you like.

The goal is to continuously challenge the muscles with increasing weight, sets, days and changing your exercises.

If you need help regarding programmes, try to find a good personal trainer who can make your own personalised programme and can change it when it needs to.