Many of you probably experienced that training hard in the gym or outside is very important to lose weight/fat but it is not enough to get rid of that unwanted fat to get there where you want to be.

When you think that you do 1 hour exercise a day (most of the people not even every day) you still have 23 hours to get through and not to ruin what you worked for in the gym.

So, the key to success is DIET.

People share opinion which one is more important to lose weight or get shredded. 

Training or Diet?

I have to tell you that both is very important. 

One doesn’t work without the another unless you want to do diet only and have some flabby arms or back side.

I believe it is around 60/40% meaning diet wins with 60%.


Fail to prepare prepare to fail.

It means if you don’t prepare what you will eat next day then  most probably you will pick up something to eat that you should not.

Healthy clean diet should be loaded with protein (at least 1g per pound of bodyweight), greens, vegetables, good carbohydrates (you have to stay on very low carbohydrates though) and very important for the human body is the water (at least 2-3 litre of water).


This is the more important part of the diet.

During my years of personal coaching I have met all sort of people like stick to it for 5 days than they fail at the weekend or stick to it a little bit longer than they fail or are not able to stick to it at all.

I can not really blame them as cravings are difficult BUT many other people proved it that it is possibly so YOU have to decide why you are in the gym to train hard and perhaps why you pay for a personal trainer.

You have to create a new habit a new lifestyle of preparing food and take them with you. 

Here we go again……”Fail to prepare prepare to fail”

In my opinion the first 10 days is the hardest while breaking your old bad habits. People share opinion on this but that is not the point now here how long rather than STICK TO IT.

To stay motivated probably you have heard about cheat meal.

I have to stop here for a moment and explain that some people make mistake regarding cheat meal.


One meal only.

Preferably place it on a Sunday so you will feel great to start the week clean again.

Another trick to stay motivated is that you can take a photo of yourself and anytime you lose motivation get that picture out and think why you are doing it and how you are going to look like in a few weeks.

Protein drinks and bars can help for cravings

If you go to restaurant you can go for healthy options perhaps you can ask the waiter what you would not like on your food such as salad dressing or butter on your vegetables etc.

So whatever tricks you can use then use it.Later it will become a new habit a new lifestyle.