The pros and cons of running

Running has become very popular in our society although people should read and learn about it before they start running to avoid different type of injuries.

This article will give you some knowledge about the benefit and negative affect of running.

People love running around the work for different reasons so let’s see them…..


• Promotes fitness quickly

• You can do it anywhere free 

• Burn calories

• Releases endorphins

• Control your weight

• Decreases heart disease

• Lowers blood pressure

• Boosts femoral bone mass density (Osteoporosis)

• Improves concentration and visual memory

• Reduces total blood cholesterol

• Slows the effects of aging


• Breast sag

• High impact

• Patellofemoral pain Syndrome

• Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS)

• Patellar tendinitis

• Plica syndrome

• Shin splints

• Achilles tendinitis

• Gastrocnemius

• Plantar fasciitis

As you see there are few Cons of running but it does not mean you will have it. 

You can reduce these injuries with a good care of strengthening exercises and the types of ground you run.

Try to avoid running on concrete or asphalt. Run on dirt path, cinder, grass or running track.

Always make sure you have the appropriate running shoes and change them on time when they lose their support.

People talk about barefoot running or you can buy those type of shoes but it is still very controversial. 

Hope you found this article helpful.

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