Other name of barefoot running is “natural running”.

There is no consensus regarding the risk or benefit of barefoot running by scientific research as while running shoes provide protection from cuts, bruises, impact and weather, barefoot running arguing that it reduces the risk of chronic injuries caused by heel strikes in cushioned running shoes.

The structure of the human foot and lower leg is very efficient at absorbing the shock of landing and turning the energy of the fall into forward motion, through the springing action of the foot’s natural arch.

Scientists studying shoe and barefoot runners’ foot motions where shoe runners typically lands with heel strike, while the foot of a barefoot runner lands with a more springy step on the middle, or on the ball of the foot therefore the strike is shorter in duration and the step rate is higher.

Researches shows that barefoot running reduces energy use hence shoe runners consume approximately 4% more oxygen than barefoot runners. This can be explained by a better use of muscle elasticity of barefoot runners.

Running in cushioned shoes also seems to increase the risk of different injuries. To see this check it here at Cons

However, running in shoes also reduce many other injuries that I mentioned above at the beginning.

Also, Doctors in the United States have reported an increase in such injuries as pulled calf muscles, Achilles tendinitis and metatarsal stress fractures which they attribute to barefoot runners attempting to transition too fast.

The alternative to going barefoot is to wear thin shoes with minimal padding such as moccasins, sandals, Plimsolls. These are what runners wore for thousands of years before the 1980s when the modern running shoe was invented.

Some modern shoe manufacturers have designed footwear to mimic the barefoot running experience, maintaining optimum flexibility and natural walking while also providing some degree of protection such as Vibram Five Fingers 

I hope you enjoyed this article and gives you some understanding about bare foot running.

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