Hypertrophy training programme made to develop muscle mass and lean weight. 

Sports that can benefit from Hypertrophy trainings such as Rugby, Wrestling, Shot putters etc. although in sport specific programme it is more focused on prime mover muscles where else bodybuilding focuses on every single muscle.

Every session has to be performed between 6-9 exercise and 8-12 repetition. All sets has to be performed to failure. The exhaustion stimulates chemical reaction and protein metabolism so optimal muscle growth can occur. If repetition less than 8 we develop strength and not necessary increasing muscles mass and if repetition more than 12 we turn into muscle endurance training http://www.speedandstrength.co.uk/ᗯeigᕼt-tᖇᗩiᑎiᑎg-ᑭᗩᖇt-i-edurance/

Hypertrophy training should be done 4-6 weeks. During exercise muscle damage occur in a good way that forces muscle to repair itself so they grow back bigger and denser. 

After a while you have been lifting weights it is harder to challenge your muscle and then you need to do something different such as

  1. change your programme
  2. change your exercises
  3. lift heavier weights

When you continuously challenge your body then muscle damage and repair keep happening so your muscle can keep growing.

Hypertrophy Training programme can be set up as a fully body work out which can be done 2-3 times per week (more for beginners) or split session such as upper body and the next day is lower body then you can make more consecutive days.

I hope that you found this article useful and give you more understanding about hypertrophy training.


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