Power training is where you use muscular contraction which build strength and size of skeletal muscles.

This training aims to develop fast powerful movements. Repetitions between 4-6 with medium to heavy loading around 80 – 90 % of 1RM (Repetition Maximum).

Sports that implements power training such as Sprint, shot put, Javelin etc.  

Very important to do it until fatigue in designing a strength training program. The best strength result appears from working with 4-6 repetition. If you go over this repetition then this training method turns into hypertrophy 8-12RM http://www.speedandstrength.co.uk/ᗯeigᕼt-tᖇᗩiᑎiᑎg-ᑭᗩᖇt-ii-hypertrophy/ and beyond that repetition will be muscular endurance http://www.speedandstrength.co.uk/ᗯeigᕼt-tᖇᗩiᑎiᑎg-ᑭᗩᖇt-i-edurance/ 

The recovery time between sets will require 3-5 minutes which you may find boring but your muscles need this time to recover and perform the best at next set.

Major muscle Exercise

Pectoralis Major – Flat or decline bench press

Pectoralis Minor – Incline bench press

Medial Deltoids – Dumbbell side laterals

Posterior Deltoids – Standing dumbbell bent laterals

Anterior deltoids – Front dumbbell raises

Biceps Brachii – Standing or seated dumbbell curls

Triceps Brachii – Triceps press down on cable machine or triceps dips

Latissimus Dorsi – Dumbbell rows with one arm

Quadracep – Seated leg extension

Hamstring -Seated/Standing leg curls

Calves – Calf raises