I am an ex boxer who represented Hungary for years. I also won English Championship (ABAE) in 2008 and I am still taking some fights for my own enjoyment.

In my article the key is on that subject above.

Most probably many of you have met “mind over matter” phrase. 

Well, this was the subject where I first met with this and luckily enough I had the opportunity to practice it on myself.

Although, nobody needs to be high level sportsman/woman to do that.

Now, I am a Personal Trainer and boxing coach and I meet every day with people who believe this phrase or not. 

This article is for those who DO NOT practice this phrase – although, people believe it and practice – it is always nice to remind ourself to this.

I clearly remember we (Hungarian boxing team) went to run around the lake – which I know it sounds very nice but when your trainers are there to time it and telling you to run faster otherwise we do some extra miles, that is not to pleasant -however we all knew why we were there. 

People have different ideas how to push it hard perhaps survive.

My idea was “mind over matter”

I believe the mind set is the key to everything and now I am not talking about sports onl.Any part of life!!

Everyone needs to find what suits them.

My mind set was the next:

1. I know why I do this and I know what my goals are

2. We had four laps around the lake and I said to my self before the third that this is the last – It helped me through the fourth too.

3. We have six sets on circuit I set it for eight.

4. We had 12 rounds sparring I set it for fourteen.

5. We had 10 rounds heavy bag work I set it for twelve. 

Did you realise the difference between the 2nd and the rest?

If not, I reveal it…..

The difference was in the 2nd that I took away one and the rest I added more.

It WORKS in both ways.

Perhaps you have a totally different mind set tactic or how to come over it. The main thing is that it WORKS.

So now, go to the gym or for a run and find your own one – If you have not found it yet – or you can start practicing mine.

More you practice the better you get whilst you are getting closer to your own goal.

If you sit home and doing nothing that will not take you anywhere close to your goal, anything would that be.

Gym, work, lifestyle, wellbeing, you name it. We have to work hard for it and do not forget…… IT IS ALL ON YOUR MIND!!!