Looking after your body and mental health

Looking after our body and mental health is always very important. However, now in this crazy time (Covid-19), it is even more important. 

Looking after your well-being and doing exercises can help to improve your mood and keep you in good shape whilst maintaining your focus on what is important rather than worrying about things that you can’t change.

Here are a few tips in this article to help you to do that;

1. Stay active

The recommended training for a healthy lifestyle, to keep our heart and vascular system going, amongst many other things, is 3 times a week of at least 30 minutes moderate exercise.

Don’t forget, that is a recommended level. It doesn’t mean you can’t do more but if you’re a beginner, it’s most probably a good start.

  • Personal training (Online personal training) – There are many online sessions available nowadays but if you don’t have the motivation you can still hire a trainer (online trainer)
  • Workout with your friends online or your family at home. You can even make up a challenge with them, such as sit ups, plank or press ups for example.
  • You can workout with anything you can find in your household if you don’t have any fitness equipment or even just using your own bodyweight.
  • Taking a walk or being in nature (keeping social distance), cycling can all help you boost your immune system as well as connect with nature.
  • Pilates helps you improve your core, flexibility, strength and balance
  • Yoga can also reduce stress and will focus on your breathing.

2. Stress mangement 

Stress is a big part of life and if we can’t manage it then we can become overwhelmed, especially now in this uncertainty.

Therefore, it can lead us to many different health issues such as high blood pressure, stiff muscles or even muscle cramp and anxiety that can affect on our physical and mental health.

3. Right amount of sleep

To get enough sleep is always crucial to maintain overall health.

Including focus, weight loss and mental health amongst other benefits. Most adults need 7-8 hours of good sleep every night to function properly, whilst teenagers need 9-10 hours or more depending on age group.

At the end you might have your own routine to do things and stay healthy but hope this article helped you to give you some new ideas and focus to keep going.

Stay well and healthy