1.You are not eating enough protein

Protein is the most important nutrient for losing weight.

If you eat breakfast, then this is the most important meal to load up on the protein. Studies show that those who eat a high protein breakfast are less hungry and have fewer cravings throughout the day.

2.You are eating too many calories

Researches show that those people who keep track on calories lose weight more effectively.

3.You are not lifting weight

Weight lifting is very important in weight loss or just in general. When you do not exercise or you are on diet you lose muscle so it is important to lift weight to keep those muscles which help to burn more fat.

4.You are not eating whole food

The quality of the food is just as important as quantity.

Eating healthy food can improve your health and help regulate your appetite. These foods tend to be much more filling than their processed counterparts.

5.You are eating too much at one go

Eating too much at one go can affect on your weight loss so try to eat the right portion more often.

6.You are not doing cardio

Many people prefer doing weight as cardio can be very exhausting so people start missing cardio. However, it is always good to do cardio to burn some extra calories, feel better and improve your overall health and fitness. 

7.You are drinking sugar

Sugary drinks are the most fattening items in the food supply.

Consume in large quantity can lead into gaining weight.

It fills you up meaning you will eat less appropriate food that you should as you are not hungry.

8.You are not sleeping well

Good sleep is one of the most important things to consider for your physical and mental health, as well as your weight.

Studies show that poor sleep is one of the single biggest risk factors for obesity. Adults and children with poor sleep have a 55% and 89% greater risk of becoming obese, respectively

9.You are not cutting back on carbohydrate 

It means you still need GOOD carbs in your diet but you have to cut back to lose weight. 

10.You are not drinking (enough) water

Water is always necessary in human body.

It helps for digestion, physical performance, hydration, brain function and so on.

11.You are drinking too much alcohol

If you cannot say NO to alcohol you are better with spirit rather than beer or wine. 

Of course to a certain level.

Too much alcohol whatever it is will make you gain weight…..and make you drunk.

12.You have a medical condition

There are some medical conditions that make you lose weight hard or even gain weight such as hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome and more.

If you have these problem you have to seek your Dr for advise.

13.You make yourself starving too long

If you have been loosing weight for months and you have hit a plateau you might consider to take a break for a little while and increase your calorie intake with few hundred calories and put some more muscle on as it will help to burn more fat in the future before you continue to lose weight/fat again.

I hope that you found this article interesting and will help you achieve your weight loss goal to lose body fat and to get in shape.